2024 SCALP ZERO LEVEL v.2.02 trading robot for Meta Trader 5 (release dated December 05, 2023)

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Minimum lease period is 2 months.

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Download inside day forex scalper.

This scalper is tested in real trading at forex brokers:

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Копировать сигнал без ежемесячной оплаты.

Copy a signal in RoboForex environment.
Commission 20% of the received profit, without monthly payment.
Copying is possible starting from $100 deposit.

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Scalp Zero Level + News Insider EA, trade launch 03/03/2024.


You can rent or buy an unlimited license here, on our website forexrobot.pro.

You can copy our trade using Scalp Zero Level forex scalper in MQL5, START SIGNAL services.

1. Introduction:

100% automated trading system that requires no manual intervention.

Scalp Zero Level is a unique Forex robot that is based on a scalping strategy using key levels in specific time windows within the day. The robot gives traders the opportunity to enter the market through pending orders at certain moments of the Asian, European and American exchange sessions.

2. Basic principles of work:

Session time windows: Scalp Zero Level examines three intra-day time windows - Asian, European and American sessions - and identifies key levels for market entry.

Pending orders: The robot uses pending orders like SellLimit, SellStop, BuyLimit and BuyStop to enter the market at the moments defined by the algorithm.

Maintenance modules: Profitable positions are accompanied by follow-up modules including "position lifetime in the market", SmartTrail, "TargetProfit", "EndDayProfit" and physical take profit.

Risk management: Risk is managed by setting StopLoss at 50 to 100 pips. The robot avoids risky methods such as martingale and leveraged averaging.

Profitability: each trading setup has in its name the percentage of annualized return and the amount of risk (GBPUSD ProfitYear 227%, PF2.0, DD12%, PL 6-1). The average risk ratio is approximately 1k10 for every 10% probability of closing a position at StopLoss =1%. The average annualized return on the provided trading setups is 50-100% per year and the risk is 4-8%. Accordingly, the expected annual return on the supplied trading settings is 50% x 16 (currency pairs) = 800% - 1600% per year*.

*The return is given taking into account reinvestment of the profit.

TargetProfit algorithm

Info Panel Scalp Zero Level

3. Features: Scalp Zero Level forex robot

Visualization and time windows: The robot visualizes key levels and time windows on currency pair charts for trader's convenience.

Flexibility of timeframes: Scalp Zero Level can work on any chart time frame, allowing traders to choose the optimal time frame for their strategy.

Multicurrency: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDCAD, USDCAD, CADJPY, EURGBP, AUDUSD, EURJPY, AUDCHF, USDCHF, NZDUSD, AUDJPY, NZDCAD, CHFJPY, NZDJPY, EURCHF. The robot supports trading on all major, minor and cross-currency pairs, providing traders with a wide range of choices. Average profit from each deal 30 - 100 pips. 1% of the account balance is used to open a deal on each currency pair, approximate profit of 1-2% from each deal.

4. Reliability:

Scalp Zero Level is a reliable and flexible forex robot designed for traders looking for an efficient way to scalping in the forex market. Through the use of key levels and strict risk management, this robot provides reliable trading solutions on a variety of currency pairs and timeframes.

5. Key Levels in Trading:

In the Scalp Zero Level strategy, key levels play an important role in determining entry and exit points. These levels are points where the price of an asset tends to change direction. They can be reversal points ("price bounce"), or they can be moments when the movement continues ("breakout"). When scalping, it is especially important to take into account the confirmation of a trend change after a level breakout, taking into account the possibility of false signals.
In the Forex market, levels occur where the strength of buyers and sellers are approximately equal and the value of an asset begins to slow down. Trading psychology plays an essential role here: traders react to these price points by creating key points in the charts. Such levels provide valuable information about possible changes in market direction and help traders make informed decisions in trading strategies.
Scalp Zero Level forex robot actively utilizes this aspect, relying on market psychology and technical analysis for accurate entries and exits of trades. These key levels, customized for scalping strategies, provide a solid foundation for successful trades, making the robot a reliable and effective tool for traders.

This strategy is implemented in the Scalp Zero Level forex robot, providing traders with the ability to trade the market with confidence based on key levels and market psychology.

Stress test results in real trading, in October 2023, prior to the start of sales.


Participation rate, profit-risk ratio and average time of holding a position in the market by currency pairs.Participation rate, profit-risk ratio and average time of holding a position in the market by currency pairs.

Statistics of profitability for the stress test period.

Statistics of profitability for the stress test period.

This scalper is tested in real trading at forex brokers:

Approximate annual profitability :
around 1 000%
Approximate profitability per month. :
from +20 to 100%
Currency pair :
Loss limitation :
  • StopLoss in points
Quotation type :
  • Extended - 5 decimal places (1,12345).
  • Standard - 4 decimal places (1.1234).
The minimum deposit on a currency pair for 0.01 lot. :
Trading account type :
Standart, ECN, CENT, Pro and other types of accounts supported in the trading terminal.

Manual Scalp Zero Level v.1.00 (Manual_Scalp_Zero_Level_v.1.00_EN.pdf, 1,172 Kb) [Download]

Инструкция Scalp Zero Level v1.00 (Инструкция_Scalp_Zero_Level_v.1.0_RU.pdf, 1,081 Kb) [Download]

Version History


Version 2.02 (05/12/2023) - Edits the module that uses the RSI indicator. Allows to use for visualization the timeframe of the chart, which is different from the timeframe set in the trading settings.


Starting with v.2.01 (21/11/2023), a filter based on the RSI indicator has been added. This filter helps to limit potentially erroneous pending orders when a local trend is expected to end and waiting for a correction to start in the expected direction.



The first version of forex scalper for Meta Trader 5 trading terminal has been released. This version is available for monthly rental or unlimited license purchase. Up-to-date trading settings are included in the package.

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