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About company

We conducted successful and full-fledged trading sessions with our forex advisors during Brexit and the US Presidential Election, while many forex advisors from other companies lost their deposits.

In June of 2012, Forex Invest Group OU owners decided to create a new company, Kalinka Capital OU, and to transfer all the software production management to a newly established company.
Kalinka Capital OU consists from experienced professional traders and programmers from multiple countries of the world. Our clients live on a different continents, speak different languages, but one thing unites them - profitable forex trading practices.

We are offering you the instruments for trading, that is actually working as they should. This instruments made to make your forex trading truly safe, effective and easy. As during the last few years, forex trading became harder and more aggressive than it ever was. It seems that the human is not at all capable of following the new type of market activity. As the prices for stocks, indexes and currencies are rapidly changing each minute. And each 15-30 minutes the entire market can be deformed under some important economical news influence. It happens 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. A human is not a machine or a program, he can't be following such temps and will make mistakes as the time passes.

We are offering you a proof-tested solution. We are offering you the software that we are using the same way as you will.

Welcome to the world of forex trading! Into the world of valid decisions into the world of profitable investments!