Trading robot NEWS INSIDER v.4.1 for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 (release February 29, 2024)

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Trading robot NEWS INSIDER v.4.1 for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 (release February 29, 2024)

Download NEWS INSIDER news scalper.

See the results of testing and checking the profitability of the strategy here...

News Insider + Scalp Zero Level

[ Strategy Description ]

Key benefits include:

  • Instant response to quote changes during economic news.
  • Multi-currency trading, which is not feasible in manual trading.
  • Unique trading settings for PAMM account managers and personal investors.
  • Asymmetric trading with loss limitation through StopLoss.
  • Risks are limited by StopLoss levels, without using risky strategies like averaging or martingale.

News Insider EA offers an optimal profit/loss ratio, with a risk of 0.5% to 3.5% and a potential profit of 2% to 10% on each trade. This is an attractive solution for those seeking stable and profitable investments in the financial markets.

Recommended currency pairs to use with News Insider EA: EUR/USD, EURAUD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, AUD/CAD, EURGBP (trading settings are included in the package).

Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your profits with automated trading using News Insider EA's advanced technology. Manage your investments with confidence and efficiency based on the market analysis and automated solutions of this innovative robot.

[ Returns and Risks ]

News Insider EA v.4.1 is your trusted partner for maximizing profits in the forex market. This trading robot provides fast reaction to changes in quotes during economic news, following a strictly defined algorithm to maintain profitable positions and profit taking.

The average profit from each important economic news is between 2% and 10% on each currency pair used in trading. News Insider v.4.1 performs multi-currency trading, taking into account several profit and loss parameters for positions in the market. The profit and profit taking system uses three profitability levels synchronized with the time frame of intra-day sessions.

Risks are minimized thanks to StopLoss levels, excluding risky strategies like averaging, grid and martingale. Losses are limited to between 30 and 100 pips per trade, providing a risk probability of 0.5% to 3.5% with a profit ratio of 2 to 10%. This result demonstrates an excellent profit-to-loss ratio, making News Insider EA v.4.1 an attractive tool for efficient and safe trading.

[ Architecture and Modules ]

News Insider is a high-tech news advisor developed by advanced programmers. Its sophisticated architecture includes several program modules, each of which performs specific tasks to ensure optimal trading results in the financial markets.

The time control module guarantees correct determination of the time zone of the broker terminal and its synchronization with the global economic news calendar. This module also regulates the moment of opening and closing positions on the market, manages the time of “life” of positions and updating of quotes after the news release.

The news importance filter module allows the Expert Advisor to select the most important news to enter the market, ignoring less influential events. This allows the Expert Advisor to focus on trading opportunities that can bring maximum profit.

The Profit and Loss Limitation module controls and optimizes pending orders and current positions according to the specified risk and return parameters. It automatically adjusts the strategy according to the market situation, which helps minimize potential losses.

The News Insider v.4.1 trading algorithm is based on historical data that determines the optimal time to enter the market before the news release for each currency pair. Entry signals are generated based on trading volumes, news importance and predicted trend direction according to the Gann Square theory. The module also uses external data on the accumulation of open positions to determine the optimal levels of limit orders.

Decision visualization allows traders to see on the chart the percentage of direction of positions in the market of other traders, as well as the direction of filtering signals for opening positions to buy or sell.

Decision Visualization

Decision Visualization

These innovative features make News Insider an ideal tool for those seeking efficient and automated trading in the financial markets. If you are looking for a reliable assistant for successful news-based trading, News Insider is your best choice.

Full description of the software is available at

forex advisor guarantee

Approximate annual profitability :
around 1 000%
Approximate profitability per month. :
from +15 to 30%
Currency pair :
Loss limitation :
  • StopLoss in points
Quotation type :
  • Extended - 5 decimal places (1,12345).
  • Standard - 4 decimal places (1.1234).
The minimum deposit on a currency pair for 0.01 lot. :
Trading account type :
Standart, ECN, CENT, Pro and other types of accounts supported in the trading terminal.
Version History


We have updated the data gateway, and now requests about traders' positions fly directly to our robots! This means maximum speed and efficiency for your trading!


Added the function of target profit on unidirectional positions in addition to the target profit on account balance. Improved the algorithm of the module for trawling the profit of a position in the market. Increased the depth of analysis by "Gann Square"


Added new trading settings for 8 currency pairs. StopLoss loss limitation, averaging and martingale are not used. Entry into the market once a day, no more than one position per market, plus a pending limit order. The table shows the profit per year.


Added a trail of profitable positions using the Parabolic SAR indicator. Added display in the info panel of the direction of the filter by "Gann's square". The code has been optimized for new builds of the Meta Trader trading terminal. Improved algorithm.


The code has been optimized for the latest builds of the MT4 and MT5 terminals. The news analysis algorithm has been changed. Implemented "Gann's square" filter, determination of trend strength, statistics of traders' positions from external sources.


Updated trading settings and currency pairs added for NEWS INSIDER advisor, for the currency pairs using Canadian dollar.


Updated trading settings for the "FOMC protocol" for currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.


Published forex signal on MQL5. Now you can copy NEWS INSIDER trades for $ 33 per month.


Updated trading settings for currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURCAD, GBPCAD, CADJPY for the new version of Expert Advisor 1.08.


Trading settings update. Currency pairs GBPCAD, EURCAD and CADJPY were added.


A new version of the trading robot 1.08 is available. Changes: the current spread for the pending orders was added, the control step was changed.



News Insider is released. Initially 50 available copies with reduced price.

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