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Review of CarouselFX Forex Robot Testing Results - AUDCAD

by: Igor Kalinin
Hello, dear traders and investors! We are delighted to present to you the unique forex robot, CarouselFX , developed by a team of experts with years of experience in forex trading since 2009. Our strategy is based on meticulous market analysis and accumulated expertise, and the testing results from January 2022 to August 2023 speak for themselves. Testing Parameters:...

When choosing between work and business, don't be like a monkey.

by: Igor Kalinin
If you place bananas and money in front of a monkey, it will choose bananas every time. Why? Because monkeys don't understand that money can buy a lot of bananas. Similar to monkeys, many of us choose a stable paycheck but fail to consider the possibilities of investing, which can lead to true financial freedom. We live in an age of...

Kalinka Capital OU: New Pricing and Advanced Trading Systems for Traders' Success

by: Igor Kalinin
We are pleased to inform our clients that as of July 1st, Kalinka Capital OU has implemented new pricing, focusing on the best interests of our clients. We have introduced a more flexible discount system, with discounts being updated every 2 months of rental. This means we now offer 11 discount tiers , compared to the previous 3 tiers used over the past 15 years. The...

Investments of the Future: How Kalinka Capital OU's forex robots are redefining trading and providing inflation protection.

by: Igor Kalinin
Dear reader, we present you an in-depth analysis of the new and perhaps still unexplored world of investments and automated trading. In the article "Investments of the Future: How forex robots from Kalinka Capital OU are redefining trading and providing protection against inflation" we will examine the basic principles of forex robots, their advantages and the unique...

"Turning $100 into a Million Dollars with Forex Robot CarouselFX: A Success Story Without Exhausting Work"

by: Igor Kalinin
How long have you dreamed of financial independence? How many years have you been trying to earn an impressive amount by going to work and working for your employer? I'll answer that question myself, and I'm sure I can guess: several years or even decades. And how many more years are you willing to go down that road? But what if I offered you an alternative?...

Debunking Forex Robot Myths: Your Path to Informed Trading Decisions

by: Igor Kalinin
Hello, my name is Igor Kalinin, and I have over fifteen years of experience in developing trading strategies and active trading. Today, I want to debunk four common myths about Forex robots to help you make an informed decision about purchasing or renting such robots. Myth #1: "Any robot will inevitably lose all the money over time" This myth arises from low-quality or...

Empower Your Financial Future: Unleash the Power of Forex Trading with Kalinka Capital OU and FxPro

by: Igor Kalinin
Unlock the Potential of Forex Trading: Achieve Financial Success with Kalinka Capital OU and FxPro Are you ready to secure your future and become financially independent? We are proud to offer you an exceptional solution that will help you unlock the potential of forex trading and reach new heights of success! Our company, Kalinka Capital OU, has been a proud partner...

Path to Financial Freedom: Unlock the Potential of Forex Trading with Alpari and Kalinka Capital OU

by: Igor Kalinin
Good evening! Are you looking for a reliable partner in the world of forex trading? Allow us to introduce you to the perfect solution for investing and growing your capital! Our company, Kalinka Capital OU, is a proud partner of Alpari - one of the leading forex brokers in the international market. Our collaboration began in 2010, and throughout these years, we have been...

What's inside the HEDGE GATE forex robot from 2012.

by: Igor Kalinin
In the world of forex trading, traders are always seeking new and innovative strategies to gain an edge in the market. Since 2012, our team has been working tirelessly on a groundbreaking forex robot that harnesses the power of the complex Gann Square trading strategy. The Gann Square, developed by legendary trader W.D. Gann, offers a unique approach to market...

Why Forex Robots are the Future of Trading in 2023: Benefits, Strategies, and Top Expert Advisors

by: Igor Kalinin
Do you want to know how forex robots can help you improve your trading strategy? Read the article and learn about the new opportunities and benefits of using robots in 2023. Forex robots 2023 are new features and opportunities to improve your trading strategy and increase profits. Find out more in our article. Are you planning to use forex robots in 2023? Our experts talk...