Trading robot Carousel FX AVG v.4.2 for Meta Trader 4 / 5 (release from 07/04/2020)

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  • 100% automated trading
  • strategy is stable to strong market activities. In July 23 2016 it went through the BREXIT and gained profits.
  • intraday cyclic trading, Daily profit is 0.7%.
  • Asian session market entry with profits fixed inside the trading day.
  • Minimum lease term is 2 months.
  • Unlimited license (no time limit on license validity) - $720.
  • To purchase an unlimited license, select the quantity of item 24 when ordering. The system will automatically remove all time limits on your copy of the license.

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chive"Unlock your full trading potential with our forex robot. Our software is designed to optimize your trading strategies and maximize your profits, while minimizing your risk. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our robot can help you achieve your financial goals with ease."

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Want to discover the secret to achieving financial independence and turning your capital into a million dollars? It's time to uncover the potential of investing with the CarouselFX Forex robot! Read our captivating article, where we discuss the advantages of using CarouselFX and compare it to the traditional profession of truck driving. Don't miss your chance to change your life for the better - learn more about CarouselFX today!

Trading strategy of Carousel FX AVG advisor is developed by the traders of Kalinka Capital OU (Estonia) company. Carousel FX AVG – aggressive, intraday advisor for automated forex trading.

One of the main advantages of Carousel FX AVG is intraday trading by mathematical model of market movement calculations and hedging against opening loss making positions formed inside the channel, based on the historical data of quotes movement for the last 8 years and till the present day.

Forex monitoring robot Carousel FX

Forex monitoring robot Carousel FX (archive)

Carousel FX robot forex real trading monitoring forex monitoring robot Carousel FX
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By reading the description, you could suppose that the strategy is using some kind of locking orders. No! Carousel FX AVG is not using lock orders for any loss making positions. But the averaging is used, though hedging, with the opposite positions, and the opening of one directional averaging positions to the loss making position. Advisor can reenact few trade algorithms of actions to get profits by the trend and average the positions. Depending on the amount and type of positions in the market time of the day and a day of the week Carousel FX AVG will make a decision about what option to use.

Carousel FX AVG strategy is initially created for trading solely on GBP/USD currency pair. But it it possible to use this strategy on other currency pairs that got the same volatility.

When the new trading settings are released for Carousel FX AVG, you will receive them as updates on your e-mail address, same for the version updates.

Full description of the software is available at

we will refund the money

Approximate annual profitability :
around 570%
Approximate profitability per month. :
from +20 to 50%
Currency pair :
Loss limitation :
  • Averaging / in-out without loss
  • Martingale
Quotation type :
  • Extended - 5 decimal places (1,12345).
  • Standard - 4 decimal places (1.1234).
The minimum deposit on a currency pair for 0.01 lot. :
Trading account type :
Standart, ECN, CENT, Pro and other types of accounts supported in the trading terminal.
condition :
Version History


Updated module for averaging, hedging and target profit. Optimized the operation of the candle filter. Added types of market entry through pending breakout and limit orders. Profitability of the increased by 8 times compared to the previous version 4.1.


Added hedging module, fixed profit by timer from 1-59 seconds. Added life module profit position in the market in hours. Added candlestick filter trend direction to limit the opening of positions against the current trend.


New 2.10 version released for Carousel FX AVG intraday advisor.


Trading settings update for GBP/USD pair, for the Carousel FX AVG v.2.10 advisor. With this settings, profit for the periods of 2016-2017 went sky high - 697% !


New version of Carousel FX AVG v.2.04 was released. Whole algorithm of the advisor was re-mastered, with increased amount of opened trades.


Beginning of signals distribution on MQL5 service. Now our clients have s possibility to copy the trades executed by Carousel FX AVG advisor, with 20$ monthly s



First version of Carousel FX was created and sales started.

Добрый день! В связи с тем, что Я давно уже являюсь постоянным клиентом компании Kalinka Kapital, а если быть точным, аж с середины далёкого 2011 года, могу с уверенностью сказать, что данный советник CarouselFX заслуживает пристального внимания. Я стараюсь иногда писать свои отзывы на интересные продукты этой компании. Сегодня представляю свои результаты торговли реального мониторинга на myfxbook: Думаю выводы каждый для себя сможет сделать самостоятельно. На данном торговом реальном счёте, советник ведёт одновременно торговлю на всех 10 валютных парах с середины августа 2020 года, до этого времени в течении почти 3-х месяцев велась настройка торгового счёта, а так же постепенно добавлялись новые валютные пары для торговли. Риски на текущем торговом счёте завышены примерно в 3-4 раза по сравнению с рекомендованными от Kalinka Kapital, однако настройки взяты из таблицы с зелёным цветом, то есть менее агрессивные чем те, которые выделены жёлтым цветом для быстрого разгона депозита. Пока что данный риск соответствует допустимому, поэтому настройки не изменяю, тем не менее каждый трейдер должен понимать, чтобы стать долларовым миллионером, мало иметь курицу несущие золотые яйца, нужно ещё создать необходимые условия для жизни этой курицы и иметь огромное терпение и выдержку, т.к. самый главный враг трейдера в достижении успеха - это он сам для себя!!! Всем хорошего настроения и профитной торговли!!!

Уважаемые трейдеры и будущие миллионеры!
Сегодня мы открываем доступ к еще одному инструменту AUDCAD. Для этой валютной пары с сегодняшнего дня доступно 5 торговых настроек с результатом доходности с 2015 по 2020 годы от 11 365% до 29 439%.
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Hello forex traders!

Now I will show you how in September we earned 50 and 100 percent of the increase in the account balance using the Carousel forex robot.

Look! The history of trading in September on the forex signal Euro carousel account. With the intraday profit target set at 2.5 percent, the profit was over 50%. You can subscribe to this signal at a price of $35 per month. Links to the signal copying service are in the description of this video. Let's look at the chart! The graph displays two dashed lines. Blue is the profit-taking level of buy positions. Yellow is the profit-taking level of sell positions. If we have reached a profit of 2.5 percent intraday, the forex robot will close all transactions and will no longer enter the market on that day.

Now we look at the option of trading with a target profit, we trade until we reach 100 percent profit on the account. To do this, you need to change one parameter in the trading settings and set the value of the desired profit. We look at the instructions for the forex robot Carousel.

As we can see from the example, in September the forex robot easily achieved a profit of 100 percent per month! Pay attention to the information panel on the chart. You can watch how the account balance grows and what load goes to the deposit during trading.

Forex robot Carousel works on any deposits, starting with an account balance of three hundred US dollars. Now we show an example of trading starting from three hundred US dollars. As we can see, the result of trading is the same as in the first example of the Euro Carousel forex signal. Monthly profit over 50%.

Now we show how a forex robot, with the same settings, trades on an account with a starting deposit of fifty thousand US dollars. And still the same result. Capital gains over 50 percent in September.

Now let's calculate how much you can earn in a year, for example, starting with a thousand US dollars. To do this, go to our site forex expert point info and use the investment calculator.

In the initial deposit field, enter one thousand dollars, in the number of months field, enter twelve, and in the one-month profitability field, enter fifty and click the calculate button.

As a result, in one year of trading, you will receive a huge profit of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars!

We have shown you an example with the maximum use of the account balance in trading. Risks are adjusted in the settings of the forex robot Carousel and you can adjust the risks in relation to the return as you wish.

You can rent or buy an unlimited license for the Carousel forex robot or copy the forex signals of our trading on this forex robot.

Do you want to double your capital every two months? Connect to copy trades of our forex signal Euro carousel. Link in the description and in the first comment of the video.

Our results. For September and October, we earned 128 percent with a maximum drawdown of 66 percent. How much can you earn in a year by copying our signals, starting with $1000. We answer! Your capital will grow to one hundred thirty-one thousand dollars. Say a fairy tale? No, not a fairy tale! This is a real account and real trading! Subscribe to our channel and copy forex signals. While you are in doubt, others are earning!

If you are afraid of a deposit drawdown of 66 percent, in the signal copying settings you can change the copying volume parameter, for example, less than three times. And then the maximum drawdown of the deposit will be no more than 20 percent, but you can still increase your capital by 40 times, and in a year your thousand dollars will be equal to forty thousand dollars. We are waiting for you in our team and wish you a profitable copy of our forex signal Euro Carousel!

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