Refund and exchange



  1. Refund for the software purchased from Kalinka Capital OU is executed with the first client demand. Refund claim is executed via request sent at , specifying a reason of refund, exact amount, name of the software, short description for the reason of refund request, specifying topic of the message as " Refund calim ".
  2. Refund request is executed during 7 work days.
  3. Refund claim can be sent and reviewed only during one month after purchase.
  4. Kalinka Capital OU can demand additional information regarding refund claim .
  5. Only the last paid amount is refunded.
  6. Refund is executed in case of a technical issue that is confirmed by the distributor.
  7. Kalinka Capital OU guarantees a refund for the item in accordance with mentioned conditions.
  8. You need to provide full detailed statement with "comments" field enabled from MetaTrader4/5 terminals for the 30 days of uninterrupted work.
  9. For the refund claim to be considered if :
    * If the account overall trading results is below zero.
    * If you used the software correctly in accordance with the manual.
    * If the trading settings supplied with the software were not modified.



  • Client can't confirm the payment. Save your payment information.
  • Cilent haven't confirmed refund claim by the phone during 7 days
  • Partial payment was made.


Funds will be transacted during 3-10 work days, depending from the used payment method. If you've made your transaction via credit card, or bank transfer, please specify your bank credentials (IBAN/SWIFT), so we could refund the amount back to your bank account. To get more information about when the amount will be accounted on your bank account, please contact your financial institution directly.


Software exchange is conducted by Kalinka Capital OU on following terms:

In case if technical issue is detected in trading robot, and is confirmed by the distributor. If a client found any technical issues* with the advisor, e-mail message needs to be sent at, specifying the name of advisor and a reason for the exchange on another software item(written in free form, describing the nature of technical issue). Topic of the message must be - " Request for a trading robot exchange ". When request is confirmed, exchange is conducted for the same type of software that is close to equal in performance and price, for the same duration as initial license.


Order cancellation is conducted in case if technical issue was detected with a trading robot. If a client found any technical issues* with the advisor, e-mail message needs to be sent at, specifying the name of advisor and a reason for the order cancellation (written in free form, describing the nature of technical issue). Order will be cancelled, if Kalinka Captial OU will confirm claimed technical issues.

** Technical issue of a trading robot - condition in which one or more of trading robot's settings(parameters) is not in accordance with the demands.

  • All our programs are installed and performing only in the MetaTrader4/5 terminals. We expect that our clients have basic knowledge and experience with MetaTrader4/5 platforms, and are able to use purchased software(advisors/experts, indicators, mechanical trading systems and trading strategies) with mentioned platforms. We are not accepting any claims involving lack of knowledge on how to install purchased software on your computer.
  • We expect that you have basic knowledge about your computer and its operating system. We can't be held responsible for any losses that are a result of lack of computer use knowledge or Forex trading in general.

Kind regards, Kalinka Capital OU