Confidentiality policy

Present confidentiality policy regulates personal data processing when client is using the websites : , , (KALINKA CAPITAL OU as follows). Personal data of the client is used to conduct personalized service provided by KALINKA CAPITAL OU. Personal data is a data that is related to the cliental identity (Client as follows). Processing includes : gathering, storing, modification, recovery and erasing of the client's personal data. Personal data processing is conducted with the client's consent, except the case when personal data processing is required by the law.

KALINKA CAPITAL OU protecting cliental data by following necessary rules of security and confidentiality.

KALINKA CAPITAL OU implementing necessary organizational, physical and informational measures to protect cliental data.


  1. KALINKA CAPITAL OU processes personal data of the Client to : conduct the contractual obligations before the client; increase the service quality; marketing activities; juridical requirements required by law, as well as justified lawful interest.
  2. Conducting contractual obligations before the client
  • KALINKA CAPITAL OU Processes cliental personal data in order to conduct contractual obligations, as :
  • executing the orders (to communicate with the client, providing recommendations in regards to the order, product payments, delivery, warranty obligations and refunds)
  • order status updates (to provide a documents, related to the purchased item, like a receipt, technical documentation, warranty documents etc.)

3. Marketing activity

KALINKA CAPITAL OU executing client personal data for marketing purposes, as :

  • sending commercial offers and notifications on specified e-mail address and/or mobile phone number, provided by the client (with cliental consent)
  • market research (researching the information on which product clients are more interested in)

4. Improving customer support

KALINKA CAPITAL OU processes personal data in order to improve customer service, to :

  • improve the experience visiting website
  • gathering opinions in regards to working results of KALINKA CAPITAL OU
  • notifying the client about the changes in services, technical solutions and overall functions of KALINKA CAPITAL OU


KALINKA CAPITAL OU gathers three types of data : personal, non-personal and cookie files.

  1. Personal data KALINKA CAPITAL OU gathers personal data of the client only in case if consent has been provided, in the process of making a payment, claiming a refund, or by registering at Kalinka Capital OU website(s). Client is responsible to provide accurate data.

    Personal data includes : Name and last name, telephone number, address(includes country, city and postal index), bank account number(needed for payments identifications and refunds), documents that are proving the identity(need to conclude contractual obligations, like proving software to the mentioned personal), orders. данные
  2. Non-personal data
    Anyone can visit the Kalinka Captial .ee website without prior registration or providing any personal data. In this case, the only information individual is sharing with KALINKA CAPITAL OU, is connected to the visit. Such information is considered as non-personal, and is transferred automatically with the help of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Goodgle Maps, Yandex Metrica, Facebook Widget. This information is used only to improve KALINKA CAPITAL OU website performance and can't be used to gather information.

    Non-personal data is considered :date and time of visit, region, city, amount of views, page of entry, last traffic source, advertising views, search system, IP address, search history.
  3. Cookie files
    In order to provide highest quality of the,, websites, KALINKA CAPITAL OU uses cookie files on the website pages. It is necessary to provide the user with more comfortable website usability, as well as to get analytic data which are used by KALINKA CAPITAL OU to support the website's performance (for example to see how often the website pages were used, which browser and hardware was used)

    Cookie files - are text based files that are located on the personal computer of the user. Such text files are not considered malicious and are not containing any viruses, and are not connected to certain person or IP address. Most of the cookie files are deleted when the user is closing their browser, such cookie files are called session cookies. Other long term cookie files are staying on the user's computer for considerable amount of time and are helping to determine the next and last visits for a webpage.

    Most of the browsers accept cookie files by default. User can change the security settings and block the cookie files. In this case, there will be no cookie files saved on your computer. But if you will block cookie files, some of the pages on our website will stop responding, or some functions can be disabled. You can also adjust settings of your browser to notify you each time the website tries to save cookie files and provide your consent.


KALINKA CAPITAL OU keeps cliental personal data as long as the client is using it's services and makes no claims for his data to be removed. Accounts and receipts are kept in accordance with the local law.


KALINKA CAPITAL OU in accordance with obligations can transfer client's personal data to third parties. Third parties are business partners of KALINKA CAPITAL OU, which are representing or/and using mailing services or payment services. Link between the client and payment services is protected by SSL protocol, guaranteeing that unauthorized access or modification of personal information is impossible.

KALINKA CAPITAL OU can provide personal stat to third party members for marketing purposes. Third parties are business partners from which KALINKA CAPITAL OU is purchasing advertizing services.


Client has a right to :

  • receive the information about processed personal data
  • gain access to own personal data
  • make a request to correct wrong, incorrect, inaccurate or insufficient personal data, to change or/and add personal data in personal cabinet (Client is responsible for the accuracy of provided personal data)
  • personal data can be deleted, if it is no longer needed or was gathered unlawfully, except the cases when KALINKA CAPITAL OU has a lawful right to keep client data
  • send a request to cancel personal data processing for marketing purposes
  • not to provide consent for personal data processing for marketing purposes
  • request a limited personal data procession
  • to get own personal data in machine-readable format
  • to send a complaint to Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (Andmekaitse Inspektsioon) Väike-Ameerika 19, 10129 Tallinn, tel. +372 6274 135, fax +372 6274 137, e-mail:, website:

To request information about personal data transfer, corrections/changes, removal, limitation or denial of personal data processing, client can send an e-mail at In the e-mail describe the nature of your request. KALINKA CAPITAL OU is responsible to answer for received requests in minimal tern of 30 days. In order to unsubscribe for commercial or news information received via e-mail, client needs to unsubscribe via own personal cabinet on the website, by removing the check box under "I wish to receive information about discounts and other offers" and click to "Save" the changes.

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