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1 of 3 unlimited licenses + HEDGE GATE for free!

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One last license of this type is left!

GRINDER EA is a fully automated program (trading robot), executing trading orders on currency market in accordance with the set algorithm and individual trading settings that are different for each used currency pair.

GRINDER EA is perfectly suitable for professional traders with experience on financial markets, and for beginners as well.
Asymmetric trading with losses limited by StopLoss.
This program code and trading type is implemented and automated only on MetaTrader5. There are no analogs with MetaTrader4 platform.

GRINDER EA makes decisions like a robot - fast and uncompromisingly! Trading with such speed of all trading aspects manually, is an impossible option.

Asymmetric trading with limit losses through StopLoss or hedging..

Video example of trading on the release of economic news.

News hedging advisor GRINDER EA, is a complex software product, created by professional programmers of our company.

In order to achieve the best results in news trading, few programming modules are used, corresponding with each other and executing individual tasks.

Trend strength filter – starting from version 2.06, the EA uses a switchable trend direction and strength filter that uses the indicators of the standard Bollinger Bands indicator. The decision-making algorithm we have implemented, based on several values of the indicator, allows us to exclude periods of low volatility, flats, and quote reversals against the nearest news from entering the market. This implementation has reduced the opening of erroneous positions to almost zero. The value of the profit factor, following the results of trading, increased hundreds of times. The sharpe ratio has risen to the value of 90, while the value of 2 (two) is traditionally acceptable on the market among traders and investors.

Time control module – responsible for recognizing the time zone of trading terminal and adjusting it to the global economical news calendar. Module is also responsible for market and pending positions opening, time of position being opened and quotes movements after the news is being published.

Module of news importance filter - this module allows to choose the news graded by the power to influence the financial markets. This allows to limit market entry during the "weak" news publications and to prioritize the "powerful" news releases, on which the most profit is gained.

Profit and loss limitation module - controlling and correcting the values of pending orders and market positions in accordance with set parameters, according to current market situation and market position condition.

Position support module – supporting the positions in profit. Two options of trail are used :

Standard trail – this trail is available in MetaTrader 5 functions by default, and has two settings, Start Trail and Step Trail. This trail starts to support profit position during the first minutes after market entry or on the first 20 - 40 points of profit.

Non-standard trail. Or a "Smart trail" as we call it, supports profit position after 40 points of profit, or when the price activity decreases. Smart trail modifies according to ParabolicSAR indicator data, by our unique formula, based on the standard indicator data, set time frame and re-calculations with our "power number" that is different for each pair.

Hedge module - when position is closed in profit, GRINDER EA will look for position with the most losses in currency, and if there is such currency, advisor will close it fully or partially, lowering the loss making position in lot volume. Partially, loss hedging is depending on set value of proportions of gained profit used to cover loss making positions in the market. Resulting in advisor liquidating the loss making positions in one or multiple tries.

Also, during trading process advisor supports all positions opened on account, and if there are opened loss making positions opened manually or by another EA by mistake against the market. GRINDER EA will fix the problems he had nothing to do with, and will lead the account to profit. So you can trade with GRINDER EA on account that already has long-term loss making positions, as it will be closing those other loss making positions opened by another strategy or manually, on account of his profits.

Detailed description of the program on the site

profitable forex robots

Approximate annual profitability :
around 750%
Approximate profitability per month. :
from + 2.5% news
Currency pair :
Loss limitation :
  • Averaging / in-out without loss
  • Hedging
  • StopLoss in points
Quotation type :
  • Extended - 5 decimal places (1,12345).
  • Standard - 4 decimal places (1.1234).
The minimum deposit on a currency pair for 0.01 lot. :
Trading account type :
Standart, ECN, CENT, Pro and other types of accounts supported in the trading terminal.


Added cyclic target profit module for equity. Now paired with the target profit and hedging module, the trading robot has become more efficient in tracking and fixing profits when one of the scenarios occurs. Profit factor and profitability increased


Redesigned hedging module algorithm. The system for tracking profitable positions using two types of trawling has been improved. The performance of the module for calculating market entry at the exit of economic news has been increased. Profit is up!


The code has been optimized with adaptation for the latest builds of the Meta Trader 5 terminal.



A new news advisor GRINDER EA was released. A limited edition of 100 copies is available for sale.

I was one of the lucky ones!

I use these robots on different accounts. Good risk diversification. I earn both intraday with Hedge Gates and scalping news with Grinder. At the Gates for three months, an average of 10-15% was obtained every month. A Grinder is very good at making a profit on the euro dollar and every month 25-30%.

I'm satisfied! Thank you I'm your fan!

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Купил этот комплект. HEDGE GATE пока на демо гоняю. Нормально торгует. Выбрал самую агрессивную настройку. Grinder сразу поставил на реал в FxPro на плечо 1к200 на реальный счет. За месяц сделал 32%. Посмотрим что дальше будет. Да и ещё! При плече 1к200 надо депозит минимум $1000 (тысячу), а то не даст брокер сделки открыть. У вас в инструкции об этом не написано.

В общем полет нормальный!

Да. Вы еще обещали индикатор бесплатно подарить и торговую панель. Мне на почту так и не пришел подарок.
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Greetings dear traders!

We are happy to inform you about our new and best achievements with our news scalper Grinder!

We have created a new release of more profitable and stable trading settings for the Grinder forex robot for the euro dollar currency pair!

Now I will show you trades for September, October and November 2022 with trading on the most important economic news and the strongest market volatility for this period.

Look at the work of the target profit module. At the moment of low volatility, the target profit module is active and waiting for its target profit. At the moment when the market volatility increases greatly, the module transfers positions in the market under the supervision of two modules for trailing profit of positions and squeezes the maximum out of the trend to get the highest profit.

So! Look!

  • September 13, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 5% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 0.7%.
  • September 21, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 2% with a drawdown of the deposit of 3.65%.
  • October 5, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 3.42% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1%.
  • October 13, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 5.72% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1.30%.
  • October 25, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 3.8% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1%.
  • November 4, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 3.46% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1%.
  • November 10, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 5.24% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1.97%.
  • November 15, 2022. Profit on the news of this day amounted to 2.08% with a drawdown of the deposit of only 1.10%.

As you can see, Grinder trades even better, more stable and more profitable than the previous version!The profitability of the news scalper has grown from 25% per month. Now let's calculate how much we will earn in a year by investing $1000 in trading on the Grinder scalper.

Your $1000 will grow to fourteen and a half thousand dollars! And so with any size of the initial deposit. Forex scalper will increase your capital by more than 14 times in just 1 year. Have you seen somewhere such a profit without risk?

Go to our site forex robots - ! Two unique offers are waiting for you! Three sets of news scalper Grinder and hedging advisor Hedge Gate are available for you with an unlimited license at a price of 699 dollars, for both forex robots, you save $1197. Or monthly rent for only $65 per month and you save $34 every month.

And don't forget the coupon for another 30% off. Coupon code in the pinned comment and in the description of the video.

The offer is limited by the number of licenses! Hurry up!

Welcome to the Millionaire Club! Forex robots work, you rest!

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