A trading robot trades better than experienced traders. An algorithm that will earn you a million.

by Igor Kalinin

Greetings dear forex traders!

To begin with, - A trading robot trades better than experienced traders

Our company is happy to present updated 1.02 version of GRINDER news trading advisor!

GRINDER forex robot began its journey in 2017, and during previous three years we were working on its perfection. After few years of improving the algorithm of the strategy, and we got a highly profitable and stable forex robots as a result, providing great profits trading on the news.

Updated and severely upgraded algorithm allows to gain profits starting from 50% per month. Which can be calculated in profits of $ 1 000 000 starting from $10 000 of capital, with reinvestment of gained profits. Or $100 000 starting from $1 000 of capital!

And you probably think it is unreal?!

To prove the possibilities and results of this robot's trading we provide two monitorings of trading on real trading accounts.

  • Trading targeted on 50% monthly.
  • Trading targeted on 100% (risks increased, with maximal load on the deposit).
  • Also, a test results of the new GRINDER trading algorithms on the history of 2019, with COVID-19 crisis impact.

Now, we will explain the reasons behind such high profitability of this strategy!

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News scalper GRINDER uses economical news event calendar, dividing all news on three categories, by relevance, very relevant, moderate, and lesser. Each trading instrument reacts differently, on the same exact news event in matters of volatility. GRINDER analyses all the results in total, and based on the parameters set in its trading settings, chooses which news might be used for trading on each currency pair separately. Advisor can open market position right away, or place a pending order. Thanks to multi-system trading and market entries via three different types of positions on a single instrument, depending on market situation, we've managed to increase profitability and stability of the strategy.

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Along with majorly re-worked hedging module, profit and recover factors increased by several times. Deposit load decreased accordingly. And an opportunity to increase the volumes of opened positions up to 5% from the balance versus 1% in previous versions.

Profitability of the strategy increased times 5!

Some information for the first owners!

During the first week till April 25th 2020, clients who choose unlimited license will be gifted with two additional forex robots, HEDGE GATE and CarouselFX with unlimited licenses. Unlimited licenses are supported for free with version and trading settings updates, as well as technical support, and most importantly, the licensed account number switches.

What is an unlimited license? It is a type of advisor license that has no limits on time of use.

Such licenses with two additional robots as a gift, are only available in 5 activations for the first five individual clients!

As well for those who wish to rent the advisor with minimum of 2 months term, same gift is provided.

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Reminder! Offer is active only till April 25th 2020! Here you can rent or purchase news trading scalper GRINDER.

To discuss the strategy and the results on the advisor description page.

We wish you impressive profits!


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