Investments of the Future: How Kalinka Capital OU's forex robots are redefining trading and providing inflation protection.

by Igor Kalinin

Dear reader, we present you an in-depth analysis of the new and perhaps still unexplored world of investments and automated trading. In the article "Investments of the Future: How forex robots from Kalinka Capital OU are redefining trading and providing protection against inflation" we will examine the basic principles of forex robots, their advantages and the unique strategies offered by Kalinka Capital OU. Learn how successful investors around the world are using this approach to maximize their investment protection from inflation and improve trading results. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights that can revolutionize the way you think about investing and automated trading. Join our journey into a world of financial success and innovation!


Investing in currency trading with the help of forex robots is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the context of constant inflation and rising cost of living. The importance of using automated tools for investing comes from their superiority over traditional methods and physical traders. Kalinka Capital OU has been creating forex robots since 2008, offering investors a time-tested tool that has proven to be more effective around the world than investing through physical traders.

History over the last 200 years shows that inflation and the rise in the cost of living hasn't stopped and probably never will. Don't expect prices of goods and services to return to the levels of years past. For example, it is unlikely that a Ford Mustang will cost only $2368 again, as it did in 1964. To overcome inflation and really grow their capital, investors need a powerful tool to manage their funds. Automated trading algorithms, or forex robots developed by Kalinka Capital OU, are just such a tool. In this article we will take a detailed look at the advantages of using forex robots for investing and how they can protect your capital from inflation and the constant appreciation of life.

The concept of inflation and its impact on investors.

Inflation is a general and prolonged increase in the prices of goods and services, resulting in a decrease in the purchasing power of money. The main causes of inflation include rising costs of production, an increase in the money supply, and demand outstripping supply. Statistics on inflation in the European Union and the United States for 2019, 2020, and 2021 show that inflation continues to be a pressing issue. Eurozone inflation averaged 1.2% in 2019, 1.6% in 2020, 5.3% in 2021, and 11.5% in 2022. In the U.S., inflation averaged 1.8% in 2019, 1.2% in 2020, 4.7% in 2021, and 8% in 2022.

Inflation negatively affects investments because it reduces the real value of funds invested in assets and reduces real returns to investors. For comparison, the yield from Forex trading robots can range from 6% to 50% per month(!), which is significantly higher than inflation over the past 5 years. Thus, investing in currency trading using Forex-Robots can help protect investments from the negative effects of inflation and even multiply investors' capital.

What are forex robots and how do they work?

Forex robots are software products designed for automatic trading in the foreign exchange market. Their operating principle is based on the analysis of the market and the use of various trading strategies developed by experienced traders and mathematicians. Since 2008, the 15 years of Kalinka Capital OU studied and developed trading strategies based on the experience of outstanding traders such as William Delbert Gann (W.D. Gann), John Bollinger and other analysts.

The main advantages of using forex robots over human traders include high physical and mental stamina, low cost of use and no need to pay a monthly wage or percentage of the profits, which can range from 20 to 50 percent.

Estonian company Kalinka Capital OU and their forex robots.

Forex Invest Group OU was founded in 2008, and in 2012 the IT company Kalinka Capital OU was created. During its work, the company's specialists have created more than 20 trading robots and sold more than 40 thousand licenses to clients all over the world. Both companies are based on their own Estonian capital without any investment or borrowed funds. Estonia is a country with high level and quantity of programmers, thanks to which the company can offer quality trading robots.

Advantages of Kalinka Capital OU forex robots over competitors lie in multi-level trading algorithms that conduct both technical and fundamental analysis. It uses the programming languages MQL4 and MQL5 for the world's most popular trading terminals Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. Algorithms are regularly updated to meet new versions of terminals and improved trading solutions. Creators of forex robots also use them in their own forex trading. The software code is developed by experienced programmers who have been working at the company since 2008.

Alternative investment strategies, such as savings societies and pension funds, may offer some returns but often have drawbacks. Savings societies can offer annual interest rates of no more than 6 - 13%, which is slightly higher than term bank deposits, but they do not guarantee the safety of investors' investment funds. Pension funds, on the other hand, limit investors' access to funds until they reach retirement age, and even then funds are paid out monthly, not in full.

Using Kalinka Capital OU forex robots can be a great addition to such alternative investment strategies. They can help create a diversified portfolio and maximize the protection of investments against inflation, providing a return of 6% to 50% per month. Thus, investing in currency trading using forex robots Kalinka Capital OU can be reliable, profitable and efficient solution to overcome inflation and increase your capital.

Protection against inflation with the help of investments in currency trading and forex robots.

Trading currencies can be an effective tool for protecting against inflation, as forex robots can offer returns significantly higher than increases in inflation. The currency market is one of the most liquid and fastest growing markets in the world, which creates conditions for high returns and promotes capital growth.

Forex robots of Kalinka Capital OU can not only minimize the impact of inflation on investor's capital, but also far exceed the level of inflation. Thanks to this, investors can stop worrying about the impact of inflation on their capital, as higher inflation will not have a significant negative impact on their investments.

The use of forex robots Kalinka Capital OU can improve investment results and minimize the impact of inflation on investments. Automated algorithms of trade provide constant monitoring of the market and make timely decisions, which allows you to use the most effective strategies and exceed the yield provided by traditional investment tools. Thus, the use of forex robots Kalinka Capital OU is a profitable and efficient solution to protect capital from inflation and long-term investment growth.

Examples of successful investors and the results of the use of forex robots Kalinka Capital OU.

Kalinka Capital OU has more than 40,000 clients worldwide. Their forex robots are used both by private investors and professional traders and management companies. Clients speak positively about the results of trading with robots and many of them have been working with the company for more than 10 years.

Below you can find real examples of the successful investments made with the company's Forex trading robots:

  • INTERSECTION strategy - the leader of stable trading with minimal risks. For 5 years at 7% profitability per month and reinvestment of profit, there was received $57 946 of profit for every $1000 of invested funds. Maximum risk of capital loss was 10%.
  • HEDGE GATE strategy - over 3 years, at a yield of 9.5% per month and reinvesting profits, for every $3,000 of invested funds was $53,793 profit. Maximum risk of capital loss was 20%.
  • The strategy NEWS INSIDER and GRINDER - trade on important economic news releases. Over 5 years, at a yield of 11% per month and reinvesting profits, we received $524,059 of profit for every $1,000 of invested funds. Maximum risk of capital loss was 23%.
  • CarouselFX strategy is used to "unwind" capital. Over 5 years, at a yield of 14% per month and reinvestment of profits, for every $100 (!) of investment funds was received $ 259,570 of profit. The maximum risk of capital loss was 30%.

These examples confirm the success of forex robots of Kalinka Capital OU and their ability to provide investors with high returns at different risk levels. The use of automated trading with forex robots allows investors to significantly improve the results of their investments and achieve maximum protection against inflation.

However, it is worth considering that past investment results are no guarantee of future success. Before investing in forex robots Kalinka Capital OU, investors are advised to conduct research, study various strategies and choose the appropriate one with their financial goals, risk appetite and time horizon in mind.

In addition, it is important to consider that successful forex robot investments may be part of a diversified portfolio that includes a variety of assets and investment vehicles. Such diversification can improve the overall stability of the portfolio and reduce the risk of capital loss.

In conclusion, forex robots Kalinka Capital OU show high returns, which makes them an attractive tool for investors wishing to protect their savings from inflation and increase their capital. With the right approach and consideration of risks, automatic currency trading can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.


Forex trading robots from Kalinka Capital OU offer investors unique opportunities to protect their savings from inflation and appreciation. With their high returns and automated trading process, forex robots can be a great tool for investors looking to maximize their profits and preserve their capital.

Recommendations for investors interested in using robots for automated forex trading:

  1. Do your research and study various forex robots and trading strategies to determine the best fit for your investment goals, risk appetite and time horizon.
  2. Consider the importance of portfolio diversification, including different assets and investment instruments, to reduce risk and improve overall portfolio stability.
  3. Be prepared for possible market fluctuations and trading risks associated with automatic trading in the forex market. Past investment results are no guarantee for future success.
  4. Carefully study the terms of use and the cost of forex robots, before you buy or rent a license.
  5. Ask professionals or investment advisors for additional advice and guidance if you are new to the market or unsure of your knowledge and skills.

In general, Kalinka Capital OU forex robots offer investors the opportunity to minimize the impact of inflation on their savings and receive a steady return. However, it is important to be careful and considered in their approach to investing, as well as carefully prepare before making decisions related to the use of automatic trading in the forex market.

We wish you impressive victories and capital growth on the Forex market with our Forex trading robots!

Igor Kalinin.

Chairman of the Board of Kalinka Capital OU,

Author of trading strategies.


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