Kalinka Capital OU: New Pricing and Advanced Trading Systems for Traders' Success

by Igor Kalinin

We are pleased to inform our clients that as of July 1st, Kalinka Capital OU has implemented new pricing, focusing on the best interests of our clients. We have introduced a more flexible discount system, with discounts being updated every 2 months of rental. This means we now offer 11 discount tiers, compared to the previous 3 tiers used over the past 15 years.

The initial price for the first month's rental has been reduced by nearly 40% compared to the previous price. For example, if the rental previously cost $65, it is now available for just $39. Discounts start from the 3rd month of rental, with each subsequent step offering a 5% increase in discount from the previous one, culminating in an impressive 55% discount! In total, we have 11 discount steps to ensure you receive maximum value from our service.

We have also decided to continue offering unlimited licenses for our forex robots. When purchasing an unlimited license, you receive a forex robot with no time limitations. You also have the freedom to change the license binding to your trading account number and receive all future updates to the forex robot and trading settings free of charge. To purchase an unlimited license, select quantity 24 at checkout, the system will automatically remove all term limits from your copy of forex advisor.

Since 2008, our company has been developing forex robots, and we take pride in sharing our extensive experience with our clients. We have successfully executed full trading sessions with our forex robots during events such as Brexit and the US Presidential elections, while many forex advisors from other companies experienced losses.

Kalinka Capital OU is an Estonian investment company specializing in the development and implementation of algorithmic trading systems for financial markets. Founded in 2012 by a group of experienced traders and financial experts with a background in high-frequency trading and quantitative analysis.

Our main focus at Kalinka Capital is the development of automated trading systems that utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning methods to identify profitable trading opportunities in global financial markets. Our systems are designed to operate 24/7, utilizing real-time data streams to make fast decisions based on market conditions.

Additionally, Kalinka Capital provides educational and consulting services for traders and investors interested in gaining further knowledge about algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in this field and can provide recommendations and support to help clients optimize their trading strategies and enhance overall investment performance.

Overall, Kalinka Capital is a respected and reputable company in the field of algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis, specializing in the development of innovative and effective trading systems for our clients.

In conclusion, we wish all traders profitable trading and continuous success in the currency market. Our forex robots are here to assist you in achieving your financial goals and surpassing your expectations.


Your opinion is very much appreciated! After reading this article, we invite you to share your impressions and feedback in the comments on our website. We would like to hear your opinion about the new pricing, the flexible discount system, and our forex robots. Your feedback will help us continue to improve our services and provide you with a better trading experience. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your comments!

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