How much forex robot CarouselFX earned in September 2022 Report!

by Igor Kalinin

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Hello forex traders! Now I will show you how in September we earned 50 and 100 percent of the increase in the account balance using the Carousel forex robot. Look! The history of trading in September on the forex signal Euro carousel account. With the intraday profit target set at 2.5 percent, the profit was over 50%. You can subscribe to this signal at a price of $35 per month. Links to the signal copying service are in the description of this video. Let's look at the chart! The graph displays two dashed lines. Blue is the profit-taking level of buy positions. Yellow is the profit-taking level of sell positions. If we have reached a profit of 2.5 percent intraday, the forex robot will close all transactions and will no longer enter the market on that day. Now we look at the option of trading with a target profit, we trade until we reach 100 percent profit on the account. To do this, you need to change one parameter in the trading settings and set the value of the desired profit. We look at the instructions for the forex robot Carousel. As we can see from the example, in September the forex robot easily achieved a profit of 100 percent per month! Pay attention to the information panel on the chart. You can watch how the account balance grows and what load goes to the deposit during trading. Forex robot Carousel works on any deposits, starting with an account balance of three hundred US dollars. Now we show an example of trading starting from three hundred US dollars. As we can see, the result of trading is the same as in the first example of the Euro Carousel forex signal. Monthly profit over 50%. Now we show how a forex robot, with the same settings, trades on an account with a starting deposit of fifty thousand US dollars. And still the same result. Capital gains over 50 percent in September. Now let's calculate how much you can earn in a year, for example, starting with a thousand US dollars. To do this, go to our site forex expert point info and use the investment calculator. In the initial deposit field, enter one thousand dollars, in the number of months field, enter twelve, and in the one-month profitability field, enter fifty and click the calculate button. As a result, in one year of trading, you will receive a huge profit of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars! We have shown you an example with the maximum use of the account balance in trading. Risks are adjusted in the settings of the forex robot Carousel and you can adjust the risks in relation to the return as you wish. You can rent or buy an unlimited license for the Carousel forex robot or copy the forex signals of our trading on this forex robot. Links to rent or buy, as well as to copy the signals in the description of this video.


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