How to make profits on Forex?

by Igor Kalinin
How to make profits on Forex?

Forex - a financial market where the currency exchange is executed. By playing with the currency price differences, profit can reach from few dollars to substantial amounts. This is called «Trading». It's success is fully dependant on the «Player», which strategy he will choose and what knowledge he possesses, experience, or even pure luck.

What profits could be made on trading currencies?

Experienced traders make around 20-40% to the capital. Almost no one is risking with huge deposits. As the saying goes: «The bigger a deposit the lesser are risks» - it means that with the big amount of funds on account, trader can place more small orders, not like with the small deposits.

Almost 90% of beginner-traders are losing their accounts, as the rush after first success is clouding the judgment.

The most important - is to be mentally ready. Not to rush in trading after watching few videos about it. You need to read few books about trading, articles, form your strategy or to copy strategies from more experienced traders, with full understanding about it. And then to try your skills on demo-account.

Many are asking : «Are there really any profits on forex market?» . The answer is always simple - yes there are! With two options - investments or trading.

Investment on forex market have systems, one of them is PAMM-accounts. This is an option for those who are not sure about their own ability to trade, and are willing to trust more experienced traders. Investors are investing in PAMM-account, where the trader is already trading with the accumulated amount. After investing, the amount becomes a part of a total traded amount, with you share being equal to your investment. Safety of such account is in that the account manager is unable to withdraw any invested funds.

Trading on forex

- is a direct method of making profits on currency market. In order to start you need to register with the broker and become a trader, deposit your account and download the software needed to execute the trading operations.

Developed technologies are coming to trader's aid. At this moment there are many different scripts, bots, expert blogs, analytics and many other sources of help for a beginner to start trading .


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