Detailed review conclusions testing MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR

by Igor Kalinin

Good day dear traders!

In this express-review today, we will discuss the results of forex robot tests MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR, completed for the time period 2015.01.05 - 2018.05.26 by instrument AUDCAD based on candles from H1.

For testing of our algorithms we are using only real quotes «all ticks based on real ticks». This option provides us with always 100% replay the conditions of trading, with conditions price/spread, same as in live trading. Adjustments was concluded by following the history of candles of the forex Broker A Markets.

What results reached by adjusting on other settings of forex expert by pairs AUDCAD?

Results reached very impressing !

For the tested period 2015.01.05 - 2018.05.26, with the use of of deposit only 1%, forex advisor MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR got the profit of 712.21% to the start funds. With displayed income, maximal equity drawdown went for only 9.13%, and by the balance it was 4.74%. This is a satisfying result, in relation to gains and drawdown. Resulting in average profitability per trade of $571.19, a total profits on the account of $71220.53, with start deposit $10000

Advisor entered the market with the volume of position in 0.61 lot, with the last trade was executed with the size of 5.67 lot. Advisor MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR uses automated calculations of volume of opened positions in the market in comparison amount of the deposit. Gained profit immediately used in trading to open new position, which gives an opportunity to profit more active profit, expanding exponentially, in relation to size of traded position.

So lets proceed to review results verifying of the strategy MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR. For the period of 2015.01.05 - 2018.05.26 currency pair AUDCAD was closed 195 of positions. From which 172 (88.21%) positive and 23 (11.79%) loss, with the averaged value per each 10 positive positions, 1 loss. This is stable enough result!

Amount of margin, with the use of funds of 1%, saved casually in a range of 9520.09%. Taking into account that in average, brokers have value level of «margin call» and «stop out» in the range of 20 to 100%, we have a huge margin backup for the capital usage in percents to be increased in 10 times, from specified value in trading settings. With the highest, but safe use of the deposit 10% potential opportunity to make profitablity up to $678026 , with starting capital} $10000.

Forex robot MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR very stably initiates the market to reach the profits. In period of 2015.01.05 - 2018.05.26 better result was a series of 45 trades with uninterrupted gaining of profits, against the series of 4 loss trades. Resulting in the ultimate series of trades giving $34 689.55 growth to the initial capital in $10000.

Here is something about spreads that are paid, for the entire testing period.
For the entire time of tests of this strategy, amount that was commissioned to the Broker resulted in 265 points of spread, or $8319, for the orders opening. By working working with our company, you have real opportunity to get the paid spread amount back. If to take this back test as an example, you would have gained an additional profit bonus, in a form of payback from paid spread, in amount of $3120. Kalinka Capital OU is an official affiliate of the most major and well recommended Broker companies. connect to our service for spread rebate, and gain additional profit to the results of your trading.

Results! Using currency pair AUDCAD in trading, with the start deposit of $10000 and 1:500 leverage, with the load of deposit of only 1% You can gain profits of $71220.53 or up to $678026 with the use of maximal healthy risks of 10%

Below are six slides that are showing the statistics, for all the duration of tested duration:

Profits in points, for the testing period 2015.01.05 - 2018.05.26 resulting in:

  • За 2015: 832 points
  • За 2016: 1366 points
  • За 2017: 1000 points
  • За 2018: 175 points
  • The full strategy description which the forex robot is using in trading MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR

    In this review, trading setting of "AUDCAD H1 Build008 TPSL 2015-2018 TR on off", was used, and is supplied with the forex robot MAGELAN CHRONOVISOR.

    Researched statement Igor Kalinin
    Trader and author of the strategy.

    Wishing you easy trading


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