Verifying statement of the finalized results of HEDGE GATE for the period of 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20

by Igor Kalinin
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Good will !

In this statement without any delays, we will discuss the results of forex advisor tests HEDGE GATE, executed for the date 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20 by currency pair GBPUSD_i with the use of bars from D1.

For shaping of our algorithms are trying to take only historical quotes «based on real ticks». This option makes it possible to preform guaranteed 100% replay of trading, with traded conditions price/spread, same as in real trading. Test was concluded by following the history of candles of the forex Broker Alpari.

What results we've reached by adjusting on new settings of forex expert by instrument GBPUSD_i?

Conclusions we've gained very deserving !

For the tested period 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20, with the load of deposit only 0.5%, forex advisor HEDGE GATE gained the profit of 1569072.07% to the beginning capital. With such income, maximal equity drawdown went for only 30.35%, and by the balance it was 12.23%. This is a satisfying result, in relation to profit and drawdown. Resulting in average profits per trade of $144748.52, a pure profits on the account of $156907207.07, with initial initial account balance $10000

Forex robot initiated with the size of trade in 0.16 lot, with the concluding trade was closed with the volume of 3.07175K lot. Forex robot HEDGE GATE applies self controlled accounting of size of opened trades in the market in relation size of the capital. Gained profit immediately used in trading to open new trade, which gives an opportunity to gain more active profit, expanding exponentially, in relation to size of traded position.

So lets proceed to review results adjustment of the strategy HEDGE GATE. For the period of 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20 currency pair GBPUSD_i was made 1846 of trades. From which 1646 (89.17%) profitable and 200 (10.83%) negative, with the averaged value per each 18 positive trades, 2 negative. This is stable enough result!

Level of margin, with the use of account balance of 0.5%, were constantly in a range of 110.71%. Taking into account that in average, brokers have value level of «margin call» and «stop out» in the range of 20 to 100%, we have a huge margin backup for the deposit usage in percent to be increased in 0 times, from default value in trading settings.

Advisor HEDGE GATE very firmly initiates the trading to gain the profits. In date of 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20 better result was a series of 54 trades with unstoppable gaining of profits, against the series of 5 loss trades. Resulting in the ultimate series of trades providing $100 058.19 growth to the initial deposit in $10000.

Let's talk about spreads that are paid, for the entire testing period.
For the entire time of tests of this strategy, amount that was paid to the Broker resulted in 2228 points of spread, or $35999, for the orders opening. By cooperating working with our company, you have an opportunity to get the paid spread amount back. If to take this back test as an example, you would have gained an additional profit, in a form of rebate from paid spread, in amount of $13500. Kalinka Capital OU is an official affiliate of the most major and well recommended Broker companies. connect to our service for spread rebate, and gain additional profit to the results of your trading activity.

Results! Using instrument GBPUSD_i in trading, with the start account balance of $10000 and 1:500 leverage, with the load of deposit of only 0.5% You can gain profits of $156907207.07.

Below are six charts that are displaying the results, for all the duration of tested duration:

Profit in points, for the testing period 2015.01.05 - 2021.07.20 resulting in:

  • За 2015: 5734 points
  • За 2016: 5413 points
  • За 2017: 3954 points
  • За 2018: 4947 points
  • За 2019: 5877 points
  • За 2020: 3969 points
  • За 2021: 2276 points
  • The full strategy description which the forex robot is using in trading HEDGE GATEIn this review, trading setting of "GBPUSD D1 Build001 2015-2021", was applied, and is supplied with the expert advisor HEDGE GATE.

    Review is conducted Igor Kalinin
    Trader of the strategy.

    Wishing you easy trading!


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