​The global financial system is changing before our eyes! - Today, this news will not surprise anyone.

by Igor Kalinin
forex treder Igor Kalinin

Talk about the "unprecedented crisis" has become a common everyday topic of conversation.

Unprecedented U.S. and European Union mutual sanctions on Russia and Russian retaliation have been causing economic pain and inflationary pressures on both opposing sides since 2014. World pandemic corona virus from 2020 and the destruction of millions of economic ties due to "lockdowns". Finally, 2022 with events that are more like a horror movie and do not fit in the head.

What to prepare for? To hunger? Unemployment?

We see how the world currencies are rapidly depreciating, which are safe-haven currencies and a guarantee of the stability of the world economy. Everything becomes more expensive, and some goods become unavailable. The number of safe ways to save savings is reduced. Economic and logistics chains are collapsing. Our own, personal plans are ruined by external influences and the consequences of adverse events in the world.

Talk about the "unprecedented crisis" has become a common everyday topic of conversation.

But back in 2015, when we created a new line of trading robots, we publicly warned you about this!

And then, in a full 2015, some told us that we were pumping up and exaggerating in order to sell more forex robots.

Today it is impossible to argue with the fact that we were right!

Everyone who thinks that this crisis is about to end and everything will return to “well-fed 2015” again and everything will become wonderful again is very much mistaken! In fact, everything is just beginning. Humanity has not yet known a crisis of this magnitude, previous crises fade before what began! This crisis will completely change all our ideas about the economy, destroy the old economic rules and behavioral factors and form new ones on their bones. There will be no patterns and cyclicality!

"OK! That in 2015 you foresaw the crisis and what did you propose?” - you ask

You can visit our pages in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and turn pages by 2015. In the comments they wrote to us that - "Your forecast will not come true", "You just want to sell new robots to those who already use your previous Forex advisers", "there will be no crisis", "let's see who will be right in two or three years" and etc.

Well, how? Did our prediction come true?

We will briefly announce what options we offered you in 2015.

1. Recognize and reconcile with the inevitability of the onset of the global financial crisis and the future "reformatting" of the entire world system - take on the burden of responsibility and start preparing.

2. Learn how to earn and increase your capital at a rapid pace through the Internet using trading in the foreign exchange market. Only trading is the most profitable, overtaking inflation, type of obtaining significant profits without being tied to material, physical values and tools of production, subject to wear and tear and cheapening of their value due to moral or physical obsolescence. In our reality, only investing and trading will financially secure you and your family!

3. Trade on the currency exchange using the trading robots of our company. To accumulate knowledge, the practice of using trading algorithms that will inevitably open up and show themselves in the midst of reformatting the economy.

The good news is that not only our forecast is up-to-date, but also our trading algorithms! Which we started to create and improve since 2015.

Of course, it is difficult to remain optimistic and in a good mood in a situation where the world is “bursting at the seams”. Especially if you read the news and believe everything that is promoted by the Mass Media.

A simple example: from every "independent" iron we hear every day that soon the whole world will give up Russian oil and gas and we will die of hunger and cold. But oil and gas will not go anywhere and will be bought and sold for dollars and euros on the stock exchange.

A simple fact: in 2008-2009, oil already cost $135 per barrel and fell in price to $25-30. Today we see prices around $135 again. The apocalypse has not come. We work, trade on the stock exchange and make a profit, overtaking inflation!

And there are many such examples...

Every day we are terrified of more and more terrible scenarios, leaving no time to focus on anything else.

The beauty of today's situation is that it is today that real opportunities open up, to use our many years of experience, for the steady growth of your well-being ahead of all financial cataclysms.

And while others will worry about the crisis, inflation, possible unemployment and the collapse of personal plans, you have a chance to drastically change your life for the better. Learn new ways to make money on the stock exchange. Earn a lot and incredibly fast.

What opportunities do we offer?

Since 2015, we have created and improved three main trading algorithms for active capital growth and one algorithm for long-term investment embodied in the code of trading robots.

The first group is the GRINDER EA news scalper, intraday trading based on the Gann Square theory HEDGE GATE, intraday trading on post-news events based on reports on the volume of open positions for currency pairs NEWS INSIDER.

The second group is a forex robot that enters the market based on fundamental market analysis on higher time frames, holding a position for several days according to the MAGELAN EA global trend.

All these algorithms are 100% automated and really withstand the chaotic movement of quotes in the new market conditions, and are ready to bring a stable income with minimal risks.

There is no more time to doubt!

Of course, you can grasp at straws and look for a higher paying job, which you are likely to lose anyway due to the growing economic crisis.

Or try to understand the market and trade on your own by studying a couple of textbooks on trading on your own. But the benefits and effectiveness of teaching independent trading are highly doubtful. It takes a long time and the quality of training is not guaranteed.

In my opinion, all these two options are no longer relevant today.

If during the first 30 days your account balance does not increase, we will refund the money paid for the purchased license.

Contact us, we will help you choose a trading system according to your preferences. I guarantee you that you will start earning from the first day. If during the first 30 days your account balance does not increase, we will refund the money paid for the purchased license.

Let's already! Start making real money!

Igor Kalinin

Igor Kalinin

Author of trading algorithms, Chairman of the Board of Kalinka Capital OU.

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