Forex beginners! There is always a choice!

by Igor Kalinin
Выбор есть всегда!
Hello! I do not want to sound toxic or rude, but I consider it my duty to warn everyone who wants to become professional traders and give their last savings to all kinds of courses for $800 or more. I know the situation firsthand. The situation with "professional traders" who listened to courses for a couple of weeks or bought these courses in the form of books and all kinds of A4 sheets. For every profitable trader after the courses, you can see 2000 traders who have lost their money. You can go to social networks, profile forums, drive into the search "lost a deposit", "courses did not help" and the like, and make sure of the current situation. And this is only a part of those who decided to talk about their bad experience. Only the creators of the courses earn money here, since on the pages they indicate that money will flow like water and all you need to do is take their courses. You will be given information that can be easily found on YouTube and other free resources, and at the end you will be informed that you have taken the course of a great coach and are now ready to earn millions. And your experience gives you these opportunities. But you don’t have this experience, and you won’t have it without real practice of trading with real capital. Without this experience, your future path to the growth of your capital will be very vague. And without experience, you will be a "sacrificial sheep" in the market, and the market will take your money. The ad "our courses will change your life" is a lie. But in part. Yes, they can really change your life. They will deprive you of several hundred dollars paid for the courses, and the amount that you put into your trading account in order to trade, relying on the "knowledge" received from the courses.
I usually skip posts like this, but I think that trying to promote this kind of courses, of which there are already hundreds and thousands, and people still cannot start trading profitably, is a "feast in the time of the plague." Cashing in on a large group of gullible community who believe in the real benefit of storytellers who do not trade in the forex market is the height of cynicism.
I'm not against advertising. But there is a fine line between advertising and pushing. It seemed to me that this line was passed a long time ago.
Trading experience can only be gained by watching the market and trading profitable traders or their trading systems, month after month, for years! And without reading 20 pages of text. Yes, at least 200 pages. The more pages, the more money and time you will throw away.
We trade for profit! Our forex robots trade for profit. And you, in your hands will trade for profit! Just before using, read the instructions and use our trading settings according to your leverage. And if something is not clear, ask our technical team 10 times. support or ask to set up and run the robot on your account through Team Viewer. So it will be safer and we are calmer for you.

P.S. For 15 years I have been developing trading systems and algorithms to automate trading in the forex market. And I can only name two people who can really poke beginners with their noses, like kittens in a bowl of milk, into understanding the market and profitable trading. And it's not course sellers. These people are analysts and practicing traders and employees of brokerage companies. Everything else is empty.
But! Your money. If you still want to buy more courses, nothing will help you.

I wish you profitable trading!

Igor Kalinin

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