How to get $500 thousand by just not buying another new phone?

by Igor Kalinin
Ну что?! Все еще хотите променять полмиллиона долларов на смартфон?!
So are you ready to spend half of a million dollars on new smart phone?!

Surely, the phone you have right now is working fine, it is maybe a couple years old, and the new model is out. And you are already etching to buy it for 600-700 dollars or more, to get the last and follow the fashion.

But let yourself stop for at least once in this race for trends and fashions, with a 5 millimeter difference in screen to body ratio or a few more gigabytes of RAM or a camera that is 20% better.

Let us think! What can be gained in 5-6 years, by not spending 600-700 dollars on a piece of plastic with a battery by investing in a currency market, trading with a trading robot made by our company.

Today, I will try and convince you that my proposed option is better and will do good for you!

And try not to apply another module of thinking that - Ohh! It is some scam!

Believe me, you will be getting a good additional income source, with patience and by following our advices. All the rest will be done by our trading robot, same as your personal professional trader!

What I'am offering to you.

· You will open a real trading account with one of our partnered forex brokers (only those are guaranteed to have stable workflow with our robots).

· Those Brokers are - SWISSQUOTE, ALPARI, FxPro, choose a leverage from 1:200 to 1:500 (1:400 or 1:500 will be a better option).

· Deposit your account for 600-700 US dollars.

· Leave a request to get a HEDGE GATE trading robot for free, in a comment to your request type in «I don't buy a smartphone» (this is a promo-code).

· We will send you a trading robot with a trading settings.

· You are installing forex robot in a trading terminal and will start earning. If you need help with installing or setting up the trading advisor, we are happy to help.

Now in numbers.

From 600 to 700 for following 5 to 6 years you will have 500 000 and higher US dollars. Meaning you will multiply your capital in 1000(!) times. Then, buy as much new smart phones as you want.

Here are some proofs and tests!

For start we got a mid range pricing for the new smart phone on the market. Staring from 664 US dollars.

суммарная прибыль по счету составила $560 419.80, при вступительном вкладе $664
total profits on account resulted in $560 419.80 with initial investment of $664

For the period of 2015.01.05 till 2021.01.05, with the capital use less than 0.5%, forex advisor HEDGE GATE gained a profit of 5604.2% to the initial deposit. With those profits, maximal drawdown on equity was only 28.95%, and 13.02% by account balance. This is a good result in relation to profits to drawdown. In total average profitability per trade was $395.99 and total profit on account of $560 419.80 with initial investment of $664.

Advisor entered the market with a 0.01 lot position and the final trade with the lot volume of 11.47 lot.

Now let's see the results of HEDGE GATE tests. Starting from 2015.01.05 till 2021.01.05 with the currency pair EURUSD. 2408 orders executed, of which 2171 (90.16%) profitable, and 237(9.84) loss making, resulting in relation 13 profitable trades per 1 loss making trade. This is stable enough result!

orders was executed, of which 2171 (90.16%) profitable and 237 (9.84%) loss making trades
orders was executed, of which 2171 (90.16%) profitable and 237 (9.84%) loss making trades

Margin level, with the use of investment of 0.5%, was always in a range of 988.53%. According that in average, Brokers have «margin call» and «stop out» values ranging in 20% to 100%, we have a good safety value set in the trading settings by default. With maximal but not dangerous use of capital in 0.5% there is a possibility to gain the profit of $560 419.80 with the initial deposit of $664.

Forex expert HEDGE GATE is entering the market with relative stability to reach the profit. During the periods of 2015.01.05 till 2021.01.05 the best result was a series of trades of 87 profitable trades in a row, against 3 loss making trades. Resulting in a best row making $73 697.85 of profits to the initial balance of $664.

Results! By using EURUSD currency pair with the initial capital of $664 and 1:500 leverage and with 0.5% of deposit use, you can gain $560 419.80 of profits.

Profit in points for test period starting from 2015.01.05 till 2021.01.05 are :

· In 2015: 5012 points

· In 2016: 3536 points

· In 2017: 2412 points

· In 2018: 3513 points

· In 2019: 1738 points

· In 2020: 3012 points

Full statement onour website.

So what?! Still want to change half of a million dollars for a new phone?!

All ways in touch Igor Kalinin.

Author of HEDGE GATE trading strategy.


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