Forex as modern way to make a living through internet.

by Igor Kalinin

With internet technologies constantly appearing, new ways of income are generated next to it, with Forex taking top positions. Forex - a currency trading : buy and sell, sell high, buy low. Currency pairs are used in trading, as eur/usd for example (Euro to American dollar), gbp/usd (British pound to American dollar) and many other pairs.

In order to start working/trading you need to choose a Broker, Forex market service supplier. The most popular are : InstaForex, DukasCopy, FxPro, Alpari and XM Markets. After registering your account with chosen Broker, trading terminal need to be downloaded and it most likely to be MT4 or MT5, you must acquire basic level of knowledge on how to operate downloaded software. It must be noted that currency trading is a high risk involving operation, so before you will trade with real money, you need learn all tricks of a trade, and practice on demo account. Different opinions exist on the topic of this way of making money, separated on 2 camps : those who think that forex is a pyramid scheme(people making profit on account of other people), and those who have a strategy and follow it.

Trading strategies can be two kinds as well :

indicator using strategies, and non-indicator strategies. Most are sticking to indicator strategies. Oscillators, moving average, volumes etc. - a very small list of standard indicators applied in forex trading. Most popular are stochastic, parabolic, ema, rsi and macd. One or dew indicators used, allowing to find the most appropriate point for market entry and to execute buy or sell position, is to be considered as a strategy. Trader is using a chart with constantly updating price of the currency pair, displayed as japanese candles. Forex market has buyers (the bulls) and sellers (the bears). Accordingly, there are two types of candles : bear and bull types, differentiated by color on the chart. Analysis of those candles is related to indicator less strategies.

Forex market started to massively attract more and more people that are looking for additional way to make profits. But the stereotype of making money fast, is almost always leading beginner traders to lose money (partially or in total), giving birth to many negative reviews in the web. But in reality, as in any business, there is no place for a head rush, only cold calculation, rightly picked strategy, given that, there is more than just many of them circulating the web.


Да! нормально. Я уже второй год зарабатываю на форекс. Нравится. Свою зарплату 70 000 рублей в месяц делаю и на работу ходить не надо. :)
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