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by Igor Kalinin

Today, when technologies are developing at an amazing speed, and everyone has access to the world financial markets, thanks to the Internet, thousands of people have become more successful. They got their chance to get richer by trading Forex.

You have already joined the number of these successful people, or are just thinking about such an opportunity. In this case, our company will become an excellent platform for your rapid development or quick start. After all, trading on Forex has become even faster, safer, more convenient with us.

Let me introduce!

Igor Kalinin is the chairman of the board of Kalinka Capital OU and the author of trading algorithms for automating trading on the FOREX market.

Igor Kalinin - Chairman of the Board of Kalinka Capital OU and the author of trading algorithms for automating trading on the FOREX market.

My name is Igor Kalinin. And I am a trader, as well as the author of effective trading strategies for Kalinka Capital OU. Also, I personally and in co-authorship have written strategies for trading experts / forex advisors for Forex Invest Group OU.

The famous US billionaire Aristotle Onassis, who built his own empire, said: "Do not chase after money - go to meet them!"

Indeed, each of us wants to make a very decent amount of money. You can call it whatever you like: the most cherished dream, an unrealizable dream, etc. But we do not guarantee you magic, hoaxes, incredible miracles. We do not create financial pyramids, we do not convince you to give your money, promising to return dozens of times more.

We offer you a trading tool that really works. This very tool is designed to make your Forex trading truly safe, efficient and easy. Moreover, over the past few years, Forex market players have noted the fact that Forex trading has become incredibly difficult and aggressive. It seems that a person is no longer able to keep up with the frantic pace of the market. After all, stock quotes, stock indices, exchange rates change every minute. And every 15-30 minutes the entire market as a whole can collapse under the influence of important economic news. This happens 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. But a person is not a machine or a program, he cannot stand such a pace and after a while begins to make mistakes.

But why “play roulette” and just give your money away? When today you have the opportunity to trade and win. Is always!

How? With the help of automated systems of forex robots. These are not just programs, these are your personal forex advisors, market experts. These are working trading strategies embedded in the program code. They work in a trading terminal that is connected to your personal Forex account through a Forex broker. Forex robot is not aware of fatigue, it does not experience emotions, such as fear, uncertainty. This means that he is able to make really balanced, correct decisions for you 24 hours a day.

Kalinka Capital OU is made up of a team of experienced professional traders from several countries around the world. Our clients live on different continents, speak different languages, but they have one thing in common - successful trading on the Forex market.

That is why the best trading strategies are embodied in our robots! Our site contains automated trading systems that are already used by the owners of real accounts. We do not have demo accounts, let alone demo money.

Experienced traders know: do not trust the one who offers system testing by showing you a report from a demo account. This means that the creator of the forex robot himself is not sure about his product. So why should you be sure of him?

Researching real, working online trading accounts - this is what you can really be sure of! And we give you this confidence! We offer you what we are sure of ourselves. We offer operating forex robots, which we use ourselves.

Welcome to the world of forex trading! Into the world of the right decisions and profitable investments!

Igor Kalinin

trader, author of trading strategies Kalinka Capital OU


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