Adjustment statement of the results of 2020 Carousel FX AVG for the period of 2015.01.05 - 2020.08.01

by Igor Kalinin

Greetings dear traders!

In this express-review now, we will clarify conclusion of advisor tests 2020 Carousel FX AVG, completed for the time period 2015.01.05 - 2020.08.01 by instrument USDCAD based on quotes from timeframe M1.

For shaping of our robots are trying to take only historical candles «based on real ticks». And this option makes it possible to always 100% emulate of trading, with traded conditions price/spread, same as in real trading. Verification completed with the use of the history of quotes of the forex Broker XM.

What conclusion we've reached on performance on new settings of forex robot by currency pair USDCAD?
Conclusions gained very impressing !

This is a satisfying result, in relation to gains and drawdown. Resulting in average profits per trade of $150 310.95, a pure income on the account of $14 698 777.54, with initial deposit $10 000

Forex robot entered the market with the size of position in 0.5 lot, with the final trade was executed with the amount of 500 lot. Forex robot 2020 Carousel FX AVG uses algorithmical accounting of amount of opened positions in the market correlatively with volume of the deposit. Gained profit immediately used in trading to open next position, which gives an opportunity to profit more active income, expanding exponentially, in comparison to volume of traded position.

So lets proceed to review results verifying of the strategy 2020 Carousel FX AVG. For the time of 2015.01.05 - 2020.08.01 currency pair USDCAD was closed 172 of orders. From which 120 (69.77%) positive and 52 (30.23%) negative, with the averaged value per each 4 profitable trades, 2 loss. This is stable enough result!

Level of margin, with the use of deposit of 1.0%, were always in a range of 185.68%. Taking into account that in average, brokers have value level of «margin call» and «stop out» in the range of 20 to 100%, we have a huge margin backup for the deposit usage in percent's to be increased in 0,1 times, from specified value in trading settings. With the highest, but moderate use of the deposit 0,1% potential opportunity to make profitability up to $2 729 269 , with source funds} $10 000.

Forex expert 2020 Carousel FX AVG very firmly initiates the market to gain the profits. In date of 2015.01.05 - 2020.08.01 best result was a series of 10 trades with unstoppable gaining of income, against the series of 3 loss trades. Resulting in the ultimate series of trades providing $296 863.08 growth to the start capital in $10 000.

Let's talk about spreads that are paid, for the entire testing period.
For the entire time of testing of this strategy, amount that was paid to the Broker resulted in 228 points of spread, or $570 447, for the orders opening. By cooperating working with our company, you have real opportunity to get the paid spread amount back. If to take this strategy back test as an example, you would have gained an additional profit, in a form of payback from paid spread, in amount of $213 918. Kalinka Capital OU is an official affiliate of the most major and well recommended Broker companies. connect to our service for spread rebate, and gain additional profits to the results of your trading activity.

Results! Using currency pair USDCAD in trading, with the start capital of $10 000 and 1:500 leverage, with the load of deposit of only 1.0% You can gain profits of $14 698 777.54 or up to $2 729 269 with the use of maximal healthy risks of 0,1%

Below are six slides that are demonstrating the results, for all the duration of tested duration:

Profits in points, for the testing period 2015.01.05 - 2020.08.01 resulting in:

  • За 2015: 1512 pips
  • За 2016: 2177 pips
  • За 2017: 1472 pips
  • За 2018: 114024 pips
  • За 2019: 344350 pips
  • За 2020: 294634 pips
  • The full strategy description which the trading robot is using in trading 2020 Carousel FX AVGIn this review, trading setting of "USDCAD M1 Build001 2015-06", was applied, and is supplied with the expert advisor 2020 Carousel FX AVG.

    Provided statement Igor Kalinin
    Trader of the strategy.

    Wishing you profitable trading!


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